Sunday, February 14, 2010

So here we go...

1st day if cny

1. Sick
2. Cannot eat
3. Ppl take care of me
4. Feel useless to some extent.
5. even when I am sick time passes so fast.
6. Whats up with this world???

Today we had a discussion.

Adelynn: Wha... these fish bones look so damn cool la... look at it! i wanna learn the anatomy of the fish!

Jo Yee: *points*. Thats the arse of the fish.

Mel: Yee disgusting la u...

Jo Yee: So adelynn what have u been diong all these while ah?

Adelynn: Why god make everything so complicated??

Keane: So what? 2 amoebas... Poop! * makes action of 2 amoebas forming from 1*

Jo Yee: and who says 2 amoebas are simple?? for all u know they have their own communication on a different dimension.

Keane: there is still not much explanation to how animals communicate with each other.

Jo Yee: *points into a dish* for all u know thats a metropolitan in there in a totally different dimension. ( jo yee whats with u and ur dimensions..)

So what do u think?? What does god make everythi8ng so complicated??

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:: keanie-weanie :: said...

good that you know..what's with your dimensions..